Because of Turkey’s geographical location, and being a country that enjoys moderate customs and traditions between Arab and European countries at the same time; Large numbers of young people flock to the job seekers, a better life, or a high-quality education. There are also many foreign companies that prefer to invest in Turkey due to its promising future and the facilities provided by the state to foreigners and their equality with Turkish citizens.


What are the reasons that make Turkey a suitable option for stability?

  1. The political and social stability that makes Turkey fertile land for foreigners from all countries of the world.
  2.  Economic growth in recent times, which is due to investments and infrastructure development.
  3. Most of the cities of Turkey enjoy the beauty of nature and the warmth of living.



The cost of living varies depending on the city the resident chooses. For example, the cost of living at a good level in a major city such as Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir may reach approximately $ 500 per month.



Employment Opportunities in Turkey

  • It is noticeable that Turkey has advanced and attracted many tourists and foreign investors in the last ten years in addition to the development of the industrial sector as well, and this has created great job opportunities for both Turkish citizens and foreigners.
  • The fields of work of foreigners vary in Turkey, but most of them are in the areas of translation and marketing, but we cannot neglect the jobs of doctors, engineers, technicians, and accountants as well.



Study in Turkey

Thousands of foreign students come every year to study in the various Turkish universities, because of the distinction and diversity of Turkish universities on the one hand and because of the recognition by their countries of these universities on the other hand also should not neglect the development of curricula and the quality of education.




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