Legal Residence Permit

There are many types of residence permits that the Turkish government grants to foreigners , and we mention them as follows :

1. Student residency :

The study residence is granted to all foreign students registered in higher education facilities in Turkey and this residence is characterized as having the full duration of the study.

2. Tourist (short term) residency :

This residence is granted to individuals who reside in Turkey with the intention of tourism or short-term periods.

3. work residency :

This residence is granted to individuals who work in Turkish companies or have the required licenses in Turkey and is distinguished by granting them the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years of work.

4. Real Estate Residence :

Real estate residency is granted to people who own any type of real estate in Turkey and gives them the right to reside and to renew that residence permanently.

5. Family residency :

Families of Turkish citizens or holders of work residence permits apply for family residence.

6. Permanent residence :

This residence is granted to persons whose tourist stays have been renewed for 8 years.

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