Equivalevnce Services

  1.  University Certificate Equivalence

According to the law issued by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education No. 2547, it is through the formula to recognize the university certificate for all levels of education (Bachelor, Master, PhD)

so, the person can practice his profession regularly in the Turkish Republic

The process of issuing the university certificate equivalence is carried out at the presidency of the Higher Education Council in Turkey. The equivalence process aims to verify the validity of the certificate.

 The steps for Equivalence are summarized as follows :

  1. Fill the equation form .
  2. Send all documents to the Ministry of Higher Education .
  3. Make an appointment to hand over the original documents at the Presidency of Higher Education in Turkey .

The documents required to be attached to the initial amendment request

  1. A copy of the Turkish residence .
  2. Graduation certificate (translated into Turkish and notarized) .
  3. Transcript (translated into Turkish and notarized) .


Intermediate institutes and distance education certificates are not modified



2.  Secondary certificate Equivalence 

The process of issuing the secondary certificate equivalence is carried out either in the directorates of education in the Turkish states or in the Turkish embassies section of the Cultural Attache

 The documents required to be attached to the initial amendment request 

  1. A high school diploma certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the embassy of the country in which it was issued and must be translated into the Turkish language and certified by a notary .
  2. Valid passport .
  3. Turkish study or residence permit, if any .


There is no fee to Equivalence the secondary school certificate in Turkey


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