Language Courses

Learning a foreign language is one of the important skills that a person can acquire and distinguish from others in order to gain a culture of speakers of that language, through developing language skills and increasing his job market opportunities

 Imtiyaz Company offers courses in Turkish and English

TURKISH language courses

By studying the Turkish language, you can increase your chances of working, adapting to life, and integrating into Turkish society. In addition, most universities give their students additional discounts if studying in the Turkish language.

The Turkish language has also gained great importance in recent times due to the economic and knowledge openness in Turkey.

The importance of the Turkish language is due to all of the following :

  1.  The Turkish language is the official language of the Turkish state and is the mother tongue of more than 80 million people.
  2.  Many countries share the Turkish language, such as Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and the languages of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are similar to the Turkish language.
  3. It is the second language for millions of people with Turkish roots around the world.

The easy part of the Turkish language stems from its participation in the Arabic language with more than 5000 words on the one hand and because there are no abnormal rules and exceptions in the Turkish language.

The student needs an average of 8 months to master the Turkish language

ENGLISH language courses

There is no doubt that English is the language of the modern world and is the dominant language in all academic and business sectors worldwide.

English language features as below : 

  1.  The most spoken languages around the world, approximately 1.5 billion people speak the English language.
  2. Learning the English language provides more job opportunities for individuals, as most job interviews are mainly dependent on the English language.
  3. The English language helps to gain more sources of knowledge as most of the scientific books are available in the English language.
  4. The English language is an easy language to learn.
  5. Most of the professional courses are taught in English.

 The student needs an average of 9 months to master the English language


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