Turkish Public Universities

Turkey has risen very dramatically in the academic sector over the past ten years, the number of Turkish universities in all parts of Turkey has doubled to reach 216 Turkish universities in addition to the increasing global recognition in light of the high demand for study in Turkey from various countries and the Turkish government represented by the chairmanship of the Council Turkish higher education is taking great steps to enhance and attract international students to continue their university studies in Turkey and increase academic programs among students and teaching staff between Turkish and international universities, especially European ones, as we see that most Turkish universities contain the ERASMUS program

On the other hand, Turkish universities, especially Turkish public universities, have developed their laboratories to keep pace with technology and the increasing development in the world, and we see this evident in the amount of inventions that Turkey has put forth in the global market in recent years. The love between it and all countries of the world and that is exemplified by the Turkish scholarship program, which attracts thousands of outstanding international students every year and which Turkey is proud to make them a nucleus to build their homelands again

Turkish public universities teach their programs in Turkish, in addition to the presence of some majors in both English and very few programs in Arabic as well.

Turkish government universities accept foreign students based on the decisions of the Turkish Higher Education Council Presidency and the decisions of the Foreign Student Admission Committee at the university. Admission requirements for international students are announced on the university’s official website, and the conditions and numbers of students that will be accepted vary from one university to another.

Most Turkish public universities, especially the highly ranked universities, require a test result

To accept international students YÖS or SAT1

Applying to public universities is done according to the differentiation system, i.e. the most qualified students are chosen, and in case there are vacancies, students who have not taken one of the university entrance exams are accepted.

University preferences for Turkish public universities start from May and continue until September of each year, and Turkish universities receive applications either through their website or by mail.

There is very great competition for Turkish public universities by foreign students, especially public universities located in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Gaziantep and Bursa, where these universities choose students with an advanced test result and vacancies are rare in these universities

Turkish public universities conduct their exams in several Turkish cities and also conduct their exams outside Turkey as well. It is worth noting that each university conducts its own test and there are a number of universities that accept other universities’ exams as well.

Turkish public universities are distinguished by their very symbolic tuition fees, with an average of 300 dollars per year for undergraduate majors and 3,000 dollars per year for human medicine and dentistry majors

Imtiaz Foundation for Educational Services and Consultations provides university consultations and a detailed explanation of some Turkish public universities throughout the year, as well as paid admissions in public universities outside the evaluation of the trade-offs, in cooperation with the government universities cooperating with our institution

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Below we mention all the Turkish public universities and their website links to follow the evaluation of the trade-offs


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