Nisantasi University

University Name Nisantasi University Site İstanbul
Founding date 2008 Discount –%
Number of students 9000 Academic staff 850


Nisantasi University has leapt in the recent years to become a big competitive to famous private universities in a short period of time.

The university uses modern methods and advanced technology in its educational facilities. It has more than one campus in different areas in Istanbul, Europe.

Nişantaşı University

is a private university located in the Nişantaşı district of Istanbul, Turkey. The university was established in 2008. The university has five faculties and two schools. The faculties are the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Law. The two schools are the School of Health Sciences and the School of Tourism and Hotel Management.


The university offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in a variety of disciplines. The university is accredited by the Council of Higher Education of Turkey.


Nisantasi University Campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in Turkey. The campus is located in the Nisantasi district of Istanbul and it is home to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business administration. The campus is also home to the Nisantasi Sariyer Mosque, which is one of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul. The campus is surrounded by trees and it has a very peaceful atmosphere.





Nisantasi University has a wide variety of faculties, each with their own unique strengths. The faculties are: Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, and Social Sciences. Each one of these faculties has a different focus, and offers different programs and courses. Whether you’re looking to study business, education, engineering, health sciences, or something else entirely, Nisantasi University has a faculty that can meet your needs.




Nisantasi University offers a variety of programs for students to choose from. The programs are designed to help students succeed in their chosen field of study. The programs offer a variety of courses that are taught by experienced faculty. The program also offer a variety of extracurricular activities that help students learn more about their chosen field of study.



Number of Students

The university has an enrollment of approximately 4,000 students, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a number of professional programs. The university is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council.



Is Online Application Possible?


Prospective students can apply to Nisantasi University online. The online application process is simple and straightforward. Applicants will need to create an account and submit their personal information, educational background, and contact information. They will also need to upload a copy of their passport and a recent photograph. Once the application is complete, applicants will need to submit their application fee.


Number of Students by Nationality

Nisantasi University is home to students from all over the world. The university has a large international student body, with students hailing from more than 100 different countries. The top five countries represented at Nisantasi University are Turkey, the United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.



Education Languages

Nisantasi University is a unique institution in that it offers a top-tier education in languages. Students can study Turkish, English, French, German, and Spanish at the university, making it a perfect choice for those looking to gain a competitive edge in the job market. The university also offers a variety of cultural courses, which provide students with a well-rounded education.


Number of Sports Teams

Nisantasi University has a wide variety of sports teams that students can join. There are teams for both men and women, as well as co-ed teams. Some of the sports offered include basketball, football, volleyball, track and field, and more. There is something for everyone, and students can find a team that fits their interests and skill level. Joining a sports team is a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people.



Number of Scientific Meetings and Events on Campus

Nisantasi University is home to a number of scientific meetings and events throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity for students to learn about new research and developments in their field, as well as network with other scientists. Attendance at these events is often compulsory for students, as they can provide valuable information for coursework and future career planning.



Campus Facilities

Nisantasi University has a variety of on-campus facilities that students can take advantage of. There is a library, computer lab, gym, and cafeteria. The library is a great place to study and do research. The computer lab is a great place to get help with your homework or projects. The gym is a great place to stay fit and get some exercise. The cafeteria is a great place to eat and relax.




Number of Research Centers


Nisantasi University has a number of research centers which are devoted to different aspects of knowledge. The university has a center for business research, a center for social sciences research, a center for natural sciences research, and a center for humanities research. Each of these centers has its own library, staff, and facilities. The research centers are an important part of the university, and they contribute to the university’s reputation as a research institution.


Student Activities


Nisantasi University is committed to providing a well-rounded and enriching university experience for its students. A large part of this is the Student Activities department, which offers a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and events for students to get involved in. From sports teams to academic clubs to cultural organizations, there is something for everyone at Nisantasi University. Student Activities also organizes special events throughout the year, such as the Homecoming Dance and the Spring Formal, which are always popular among the student body. Getting involved in Student Activities is a great way to meet new people, have fun, and make the most of your time at Nisantasi University.


Nisantasi University Fees


Nisantasi University charges tuition fees that are lower than the average for private universities in Turkey. However, the university offers a number of scholarships and financial aid programs to help students offset the cost of tuition.


Nisantasi University Accommodation

Nisantasi University provides a number of different accommodation options for students, including on-campus dormitories and off-campus apartments. On-campus dormitories are available for both undergraduate and graduate students, and are located within walking distance of all university buildings and facilities. Off-campus apartments are also available for students who prefer to live in a more independent setting.

Bachelor's degree in English language majors
Bachelor's degree in Turkish language majors
Associate degree programs
Thesis Master's degree
$3.000The entire program (2 academic years)
Non-Thesis Master's degree
$2.500The entire program (2 academic years)
PHD degree
$12.000The entire program (4 academic years)




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