The Turkish Government, in cooperation with the Turkish Scholarships Presidency, grants a number of international students university admission in addition to a monthly salary, health guarantee and tuition payment every year. 


This scholarship and the conditions to be met by the candidates are announced on the official link of the Turkish Scholarships Directorate .  

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Many international students inside and outside Turkey fill out scholarship application forms online and submit their applications on the specified dates. These applications are evaluated by a committee specialized in this, and all of the following are taken into consideration in evaluating the candidates,

A- Age

B- Nationality

C- The general average

D- Foreign language certificates and international tests

Y- Letter of motives and letter of intent


Where points are awarded based on all of the above, and those whose applications have been positively evaluated are called to an interview with the Turkish Scholarship Presidency to be approved or rejected, and all those who are accepted are notified in the event that they receive the grant via their e-mail.  

The Presidency of Turkish Scholarships receives more than 200,000 applications every year and selects nearly 1,000 people from them to grant them university admission to a Turkish university.  

Registration for the Turkish scholarship will start on …… and will continue until ……

Available Major


The major available on the official website are announced every year and the rate is required to be more than 90% for medical specialties (Medicine – Dentistry – Pharmacy)


– Applying for Turkish scholarships is completely free and is shown on their official website. Do not fall victim to brokers who exploit you .

– It is important to mention the real reason for choosing the major you want to study and why you chose Turkey to study this specialization specifically . 

– There is a certain number of scholarships for each nationality and the chances of acceptance are higher for the nationalities who are less advanced on the Turkish scholarship .

– Chances of acceptance of students with high grades, excelling, and certificates in international tests are higher than their peers.


Imtiyaz for Educational Services and Consulting does fill out application forms for Turkish scholarship student .


I chose the Turkish Republic to study a Bachelor of Electrical and Electron Engineering due to the great development that Turkey has witnessed in both the electric power generation and transmission sectors and the electronic industry fields. Turkey has significantly increased its production of electrical energy in recent years, in addition to advanced electronic industries and the overlapping of electronic industries in all areas of industry and life sectors, and Turkey, with its location and development, is a place of attraction for many investors in the electronics sectors. I also want to study in Turkish universities during their renaissance and development, many researches in the field of electronics industry, such as mobile phones, computers, and embedded electronics in other industries. The opportunity to study in Turkish universities will be a major turning point in my life in the academic and social field

I have chosen the international trade and logistics specialization due to my desire to develop myself and know all the legal matters that include international commercial transactions and logistical transport services. Given the development of Turkey and its attraction to many international companies and its being an important commercial center linking the West and the East, I chose to study this specialty in Turkish universities. The increase in the number of Turkish exports to various countries of the world in the last ten years has made it a station for international companies in the fields of land, sea and air transport. On the academic level, it is noticeable that Turkish universities have developed, their global ranking and international recognition have increased in recent years

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in human medicine, I would like to continue my educational achievement and pursue my specialty in neurosurgery, and then return to my country, hoping to apply what I learned from experience in Turkish universities and hospitals during my study period to help others. I also want to provide aid to patients in my country at symbolic wages and to apply the medical health system in public and private hospitals, which the whole world witnessed its success in Turkey and which competed with the most developed countries and surpassed most European countries in the face of the Corona pandemic. In addition to my desire to establish an advanced research center in my country in cooperation with the Turkish government in the future to be a seed for joint cooperation between my country and the Turkish Republic

The Turkish Scholarships Presidency grants all scholarship-winning students the following advantages
Acceptance in a public university in Turkey.

  • Monthly salary 
  • University Housing 
  • Health insurance 
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