It is worth noting the Turkish experience in the advancement of the state. The last two decades have witnessed remarkable developments in all sectors in Turkey. As for the geographical location, Turkey is the focal point between the West and the Arabs, it is an essential part between Asia and Europe, and thus obtained a unique mix of intercultural cultures.


As for the academic sector, there are 131 public universities, 75 private universities, and 10 technical universities in addition to military colleges in Turkey. These universities also offer many specializations appropriate to the labor market.


As for the academic curriculum , Turkey continuous to adopt modern methods in accordance with curriculums of its local market and around the world .


 The ranking and demand of Turkish universities has increased significantly in the last ten years. The number of university students has increased from 3 million students in 2010 to 7.5 million university students in 2019 .


So what are the advantages that Turkey offers at the academic level ?

1. Scientific Research 

There are more than 200,000 scientific researchers in Turkey, but there are more efforts to increase this number in the very near future .

2. Turkish Universities And Global Recognition

Turkish universities have many international recognition, especially the European Union and America, and there are many joint student exchange programs between Europe and Turkey on the one hand and Turkey and the United States of America on the other hand .

3. A Fully Equipped University Campus

 University campuses in Turkey are fully equipped by their beauty and their connection between ancient Turkish history, modernity and technology on the other hand. The campus also includes many advanced laboratories and huge libraries, but we must not forget the means of luxury and entertainment provided also by gyms, theaters and soccer fields . 

4. A suitable Environment For Studying

University fees and the cost of living in Turkey are cheaper and less than European countries and the United States of America. The study environment in Turkey also provides you with an opportunity to experience both modern and traditional experiences under one roof . 

5. Dormitory

Most Turkish universities have the possibility of providing dormitory of all kinds, there are student dwellings owned by each university separately, as well as the role of students and there is another alternative to housing, especially in the big cities, which is renting apartments and houses in conjunction with other students .

6. Food

Turkish food is distinguished by its spices and presentation, and the diversity of Turkish cuisine is known

Universities provide food to students with high quality and very cheap price . 

7. Transportation 

Turkey is characterized by a highly developed transportation network and subway, and the Turkish state provides little special tariffs for students

8. Friendly Community

The Turkish people are distinguished by their hospitality, and they have gained from their customs and traditions throughout history . 

Turkey has succeeded in attracting a large number of foreign students by providing many facilities for foreign students and opening the fields of cultural and scientific cooperation with many countries. The number of foreign students in Turkey increased last year to reach 70 foreign students in various Turkish public and private universities . 

Thanks to the government policies adopted during the last ten years, the Turkish universities have experienced a qualitative leap, which made them occupy important ranks in terms of universities ranking globally, as six Turkish universities were chosen from the list of the top 500 universities in the world. (Anatolian University 109 Bosphorus University 413 Istanbul University 483 Middle East University 664 Ankara University 772) . 





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